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Welcome to the wonderful world of Playball!

Playball provides programs using physical education as a vehicle to support and contribute to the highest level possible of quality education available to children.

We visit Services offering classes to children between the ages of 2-5 as well as school age children between the ages of 6-8. The Playball program scaffolds children’s learning and facilitates in the development of confident and involved learners.

Playball provides professional physical education program taught by trained coaches which lays the foundation for healthy development in all areas of a child’s life. We support services to help children reach their full potential. The Playball program is guided by the National Quality Framework and its outcomes.


Physical education programs developed by specialists, enjoyed by everyone

The Playball program is designed to scaffold all learning in the classroom. It offers each child an opportunity to develop a variety of skills which can be used in every area of their lives.

The program delivers a fun and challenging learning environment which allows a child to progress at their own rate. We use specialised sports equipment to help keep children challenged and engaged.

Many school directors in Australia and all over the world offer the Playball™ program as part of their school day.

How to have Playball at your Service

Playball recognises that each Service has unique needs and is able to offer a range of flexible lesson options and pricing packages. In partnership with the Director, Playball will assess the specific requirements of each Service to design a tailored package to meet their needs and budget.

Experience the benefits
of Playball at your
service or school

  • Physical competence & sports skills
  • Concentration & listening skills
  • Confidence & social skills

Happy directors share their views

Complimentary Playball Class

Call us to arrange a suitable time to experience Playball in action!

We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with directors and educators to discuss how Playball can complement the provision of best practice.