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Welcome to the wonderful world of Playball!

Playball provides programs using physical education as a vehicle to support and contribute to the highest level possible of quality education available to children.

We visit Services offering classes to children between the ages of 2-5 as well as school age children between the ages of 6-8. The Playball program scaffolds children’s learning and facilitates in the development of confident and involved learners.

Playball provides professional physical education program taught by trained coaches which lays the foundation for healthy development in all areas of a child’s life. We support services to help children reach their full potential. The Playball program is guided by the National Quality Framework and its outcomes.


Physical education programs developed by specialists, enjoyed by everyone

The Playball program is designed to scaffold all learning in the classroom. It offers each child an opportunity to develop a variety of skills which can be used in every area of their lives.

The program delivers a fun and challenging learning environment which allows a child to progress at their own rate. We use specialised sports equipment to help keep children challenged and engaged.

Many school directors in Australia and all over the world offer the Playball™ program as part of their school day.

How to have Playball at your Service

Playball recognises that each Service has unique needs and is able to offer a range of flexible lesson options and pricing packages. In partnership with the Director, Playball will assess the specific requirements of each Service to design a tailored package to meet their needs and budget.

Experience the benefits
of Playball at your
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  • Physical competence & sports skills
  • Concentration & listening skills
  • Confidence & social skills

Happy directors share their views

One of the most important aspects of this dynamic program is the amount of fun the children have while engaging in their lessons. The coaches are supportive to the individual needs of each child, extending those who are capable and giving extra support to those who may be experiencing difficulties.

For us, Playball is a compulsory part of our program. Every child benefits from what Playball has to offer, as we see it as a necessary part of their overall development and critical to their future success at school.


Director, Kornmehl Pre-School

We have had Playball come in and extend our gross motor program since 2005. We have found the Playball coaches to be patient and have a brilliant way with the children, encouraging and motivating them to achieve their best (or at least have lots of fun trying to get their maximum potential through a variety of different sports and games).

Playball offers a wide range of different physical skills and sports. The program extends our school leavers with that little bit extra and helps them develop good fundamental skills on which they can build in the future. Social development like teamwork and fair play are skills that we notice in the Playball class. Parents see the Playball program as both beneficial and fun.


Director, St Marks Preschool – Cranbook

I have witnessed Playball help children gain confidence in their abilities, as well as improve their general gross motor development.


Director, Emanuel Woollahra Kindergarten

Our Playball coach brings different activities each week and the children always look forward in great anticipation to what he has to offer. The activities are very appropriate for the age group and fit well with the Montessori approach. He manages to engage the childrens’ interest and motivation without the need to use rewards and prizes.


Principal, Montessori East

Each of our students who participated in Playball benefitted from an increase in physical and social confidence as a result of the program. Parent and student feedback related to Playball was unanimously positive.


Psychologist, St Catherine’s School

The Playball program at our pre-school has proved very popular with teachers, parents and children. This is a direct result of excellent coaching and the high standard of the program that the coaches provide. Each coaches dedication, enthusiasm and focus on the individual is evident. We have always found Playball to be very professional.


Director, Kelvin Kindergarten

The Playball coaches knowledge and professionalism have made the program a great success and we have encouraged all the parents in our school to embrace the opportunity that Playball provides for the children. The program has assisted numerous children to develop their gross motor skills as well as confidence. With a fun-filled approach and emphasis on team spirit and encouragement, all our children of varying abilities have benefitted immensely.


Director, Alikat Preschool

The teachers and I are very impressed with the Playball program and the coaches enthusiasm. We started off offering one class per week but quickly needed to expand to three classes per week. The program has been beneficial to the children who attend the classes, developing their ball skills, co-ordination, movement and balance as well as their confidence and self-esteem. We like the focus on teamwork and sportsmanship which are very important social skills that can be applied to all aspects of the children’s lives.


Director, St Ives Chase Kindergarten

The Playball coach delivers a well organised program and shows a true interest in the individual needs of the children who participate in her class. I have watched the quiet and not so confident children grow into very confident children who now participate with enthusiasm and pride in the new skills they possess.


Director, Thomas Carlyle Children’s Centre

The Playball program enhances the further development of gross motor skills as well as encouraging children to work together as part of a team. The children have gained further confidence while continuing to build self-esteem. Our Playball coach is extremely professional, enthusiastic and shows an understanding of each individual’s needs.


Director, North Shore Temple Emanuel Pre-School

Playball has been an extra curricular activity at our kindergarten since 2001. This activity gives the kids an opportunity to enhance all aspects of their development through sporting activities as well as having fun at the same time. There is emphasis on gross motor development as well as confidence, concentration and social skills. There is also plenty of opportunity for children to develop teamwork skills.

The children participate with enthusiasm and show great excitement each week when its time for Playball.


Director, Coogee Batory Kindy

Complimentary Playball Class

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We look forward to the opportunity of meeting with directors and educators to discuss how Playball can complement the provision of best practice.