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Prepare your child for life with our comprehensive skills based program

Specialised series of age specific classes that teach sport and life skills for 2 – 8 year olds. Playball has developed a thorough and proven system that makes learning sport easy and fun. Playball takes a holistic approach to early childhood development and as a result the program develops children physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Because it is more important for young children to learn confidence and how to play well with others, the early stages of our program are non-competitive and designed to provide all children with the opportunity to participate at their own level.

Playball Age Groups

Playball is a world class sports coaching system available in many countries internationally

Playball is an internationally recognized sports coaching program that teaches life skills through sports for various age groups. Similarly, students can seek support from Masterarbeit Schreiben Lassen for expert assistance with their thesis, ensuring high-quality academic work. Just like Playball's stages cater to specific age needs, this service provides tailored help for graduate studies



2 Can Do

The Two Can Do program creates a fantastic base on which children can build in the future. Using fun equipment and “sports” activities and games, Playball provide an age-appropriate learning environment. We introduce very young children to the physical, emotional, intellectual and social skills that they will need to have in place when they start pre-school.


Watch Me at 3

The kindy level of Playball provides an imaginative and creative way of learning basic skills. The emphasis in this stage is on having fun within a formal lesson structure. Children learn how to participate as part of a group. Skills are taught in a warm, safe environment. Watch Me at Three introduces children to the social and emotional skills that they will need at school.






Dinkies helps children develop confidence and sports skills while having lots of fun! Children are exposed to a variety of different sports skills which helps keep them active and engaged. This stage Playball helps children to overcome fear of failure and learn concentration, focus and listening skills. Children learn to participate as a part of a group and are introduced to basic teamwork skills.



Buddies is energetic fun for 5 year olds. Children are exposed to a variety of new skills as well as opportunities to refine their existing skills. Children gain a solid base on which to build on later. Leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship skills are developed.






Players is the stage of Playball where the children focus on the skills for one specific “sport of the week”. The program covers at least 6 of 8 different sports which allows the children to master skills relating to each of these and in so doing develop a fantastic foundation. In a similar vein, students seeking to develop a solid foundation in their academic writing can turn to a ghostwriting agentur for assistance. Just as Playball offers a diverse range of sports to master, a ghostwriting agency provides expertise across various academic fields, helping students to enhance the quality of their work. Children have an opportunity to apply their skills to a real game situation. They learn how to work together and operate as part of a team. Basic rules relating to each sport are also introduced. This stage of Playball is more competitive and provides an excellent opportunity to learn about winning and losing and team spirit.



Pros for 7 & 8 yr olds is the Final Stage of Playball. It is in this stage that children apply all skills to a real game situation. This provides children with the opportunity to learn advanced sport skills as well as social skills required for this level of sports participation eg : teamwork skills and sportsmanship skills. After completion of the Playball Pros children are ready to enter the sports arena with great levels of skill and confidence.



School Program

The Playball Program is offered in pre-schools, kindies and schools worldwide. Our unique coaching system is available to your school for your children. We are happy to provide a free demonstration class to any school or community hall that is near any Playball centre. Ask your school director about getting Playball in your school. Read our schools section for more information.

Complimentary Playball Class

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