11 Things I Wish Every Parent Knew

Here is a great list by Dr Stephen Cowan which talks about some things we often forget as parents.

  1. Growth and development are not a race.

  2. Creating family traditions encourages strong roots and a healthy life.

  3. We grow in cycles.

  4. Encouragement is not the same as indulgence.

  5. Pushing your buttons is a spiritual practice, and children are our spiritual teachers.

  6. A symptom is the body’s way of letting us know something has to change.

  7. Be prepared.

  8. Healing takes time.

  9. The secret of life is letting go.

  10. Trust yourself: You’re the expert on your child.

  11. Take the long view. (Because it’s easy to get caught in the immediacy of a problem, especially at 2am.)

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