Become a Playball Franchisee

Playball™ Australia is

  • a business that provides personal fulfilment, healthy lifestyle and financial rewards.
  • a business model that has been proven over 25 years with hundreds of successful franchises worldwide.
  • about a balanced and flexible lifestyle for franchisees and their families.
  • an opportunity for energetic sporty people to make a difference in their community.
  • about being you own boss with your own independent business.

Playball franchisees share the enjoyment and immense personal satisfaction of helping children develop to their full potential.

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Support for Playball Franchisees

You will receive support from Playball Head Office that opens the door to a world of experience, ideas, and growth.

Coaching, Marketing and Business Support

To support new franchisees in their new business, Playball™ Head Office provides:

  • Thorough initial training on the Playball™ program
  • Start-up specialised coaching equipment
  • Operations manual with detailed information needed to run a Playball business
  • Coaching manual including lessons plans
  • Marketing manual including many useful Playball specific strategies
  • These written manuals are provided to guide franchisees in all aspects of their children’s coaching business
Ongoing Support
  • All franchisees are welcome to call Head Office for telephone support during business hours
  • Head Office can assist in the training of your coaches

Every year Playball Head Office organises a face-to-face workshop with all Playball franchisees.

The annual workshop provides:

  • training in new coaching ideas
  • information about improvements to the business systems
  • demonstrations of new marketing materials
  • networking with other Playball franchisees
IT Resources
  • Playball™ franchisees receive a email address plus instructions and set up support.
  • Playball™ franchisees have a mini website with their own sub-URL as part of the website.
  • Playball™ franchisees have access to on-line downloads of documents needed for the administration of a francisee’s busines

Is it Right for Me?

Is a Playball Franchise For You?

Is Playball a good fit for your personality, skills and interests?

  • Do you like to have fun in your work?
  • Are you sporty and energetic?
  • Do you have a passion to help and teach children?
  • Would you like a satisfying and rewarding career?
  • Would you like a business that allows you the flexibility to set your own hours and be your own boss?
  • Are you happy to make a reasonable income that is in proportion to the amount of work and passion that you put into your business?
  • Do you have the personal qualities that are required to become a successful Playball business owner and coach?

If you have said yes to all of the above please read the rest of the information in this area. Then contact us for our exciting business opportunity pack.

Qualities of a Playball Franchisee

Each franchise operator is expected to maintain the high standards set by Playball™ Australia. High standards, creativity and commitment to the children must be evident in every franchise nationwide.

The ideal Playball™ franchisee has the following characteristics:

  • Enjoys working with children
  • Is committed to helping children develop through sport
  • Is positive, energetic and enthusiastic
  • Is outgoing, warm and friendly
  • Has good communication skills
  • Is interested in running their own business
  • Has some management and administration skills
  • Has confidence to market themselves and the Playball™ program

All Playball franchisees are Head Coach for their business

The ideal Playball Franchisee coach has an excellent ability to work with and relate to children. As coaches, Playball Franchisees are skilled, motivated and energetic, possessing strong communication and social skills. Being a great Playball coach also helps Franchisees attract the best assistant coaches to be on their team.

All Playball coaches are:

  • Organised
  • Creative and fun
  • Patient and tolerant
  • A good role model
  • Aware of a child’s level
  • Use every opportunity to teach life skills

If you are all of the above then fill in our Franchise Enquiry Form and we will send you our exciting business opportunity brochure.

The Playball Franchise Team

The Team at Playball™ head office are available for ongoing advice and support. All franchisees enjoy the benefit of :

  • Training on the Playball™ program
  • Start-up specialised coaching equipment
  • Operations manual (daily running of the business)
  • Coaching manual (lessons required to teach all 6 stages of the program)
  • Marketing manual

You also have the benefit of a team of Franchisees supporting each other.

Not only will you receive support from the franchisor, but you will also be part of a team of Playball owners that opens the door to a world of experience, ideas, and growth. This group of business owners sharing the same goals and objectives will become a powerful resource to you as you build your own business’s success.

Training and Ongoing Business Support

Playball™ Head Office Team provides thorough initial training as well as ongoing training and support. Initial training covers all key aspects of running a Playball™ franchise.

The ongoing support includes:

  • Continued training in coaching skills
  • Networking with other Playball™ franchisees
  • An annual visit from Head Office
  • An annual face-to-face workshop with all franchisees

Benefits of Being a Playball Franchisee

Owning your own Playball franchise business will give you a great feeling of independence and the freedom of being your own boss.

As a Playball franchise buyer, you don’t have to worry about how to be a sports coaching expert because you can take advantage of Playball’s carefully structured coaching systems.

The Playball business system has an established track record of 25 years of successful operation.

Franchisee Benefits

General Benefits of Franchising
  • Franchises are more likely to succeed than a stand alone business.
  • Studies have shown that a franchise is more likely to stay in business than a non-franchised business.
  • Research has shown that of ordinary businesses starting today, only 20% will still be trading in 5 years time.
  • Research has shown that of franchised businesses, 80% will still be trading in 5 years time.
  • Franchises have reported a success rate of 95 percent in contrast to less than 50 percent success rate of new, independently owned businesses.
  • Past performance shows that a branded name with tested systems help the franchise business stay in business longer than individually owned businesses.
A Playball Franchise offers sporty energetic people
  • An opportunity to run your own business
  • An active and rewarding career
  • The ability to set your own work hours
  • Immense personal satisfaction from making a difference in children’s lives
  • Entry into a field of ever-growing national prominence
  • The support of an enthusiastic and helpful parent company
  • Detailed Coaching manuals with lesson plans to guide you
  • Detailed Marketing Manual to help you get customers
  • Detailed Operations Manual to show you how to run your new business
  • Ongoing service, training and support
Playball Franchises have Proven they are Profitable
  • As a franchise buyer, you become part of a proven system of operation with an established track record.
  • Playball offers a well researched concept with products and services that have sold successfully.
  • With a franchise you benefit from the work and experience of others that have invested thousands of hours creating a successful business.
  • When you start a business from scratch you can only guess at the difficulties ahead, but with a franchise opportunity many of the common obstacles that new business owners face have been addressed.
  • This knowledge is passed on as part of the franchise system.
  • It enables you to start your business at a much higher point on the learning curve.
Secure Your Destiny

The only way to secure your destiny is to take control of it yourself.

The world has changed and no matter how much any company appreciates their employees they can’t makes any promises for the future.

As a Playball franchise business owner, you learn how to run your own business. Once you have learned them, these skills are yours forever.  You will have the security of being able to run a business anywhere anytime.

Tax Advantages to Owning a Business over being an Employee
  • All of the expenses involved in running your business to make income are tax deductible.
  • When you are an employee, very few expenses involved in earning your pay are tax deductible.